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Sam Harris's The Moral Landscape vs Popperian Epistemology - Transcript

Hello, so this is a response for Andy who asked a question that I've been asked before and which I'm sure will be asked in the future, which is where exactly the disagreement between David Deutsch and Sam Harris lay within the second podcast, the day of the waking up podcast of Sam Harris, where he interviewed David Deutsch again for a second time this time specifically about the moral landscape. I think that was Sam's third or fourth book. During that podcast, One of the first things that David said was that it's very difficult to articulate precisely what the disagreement is because they come from such different places when terms of the epistemology and so the kind of vocabulary that David uses as prosaic and as common as it might be, has a very different meaning in the Popperian sense than it does for many, many academic philosophers.

And so this has the consequence that anyone trained in academic philosophy, strangely enough, is often particularly poorly placed to…