The Portal: Sam Harris and Eric Weinstein

Transcription of the conversation Sam Harris and Eric Weinstein had on the podcast, The Portal.

(Work in progress will fix mistakes as I go along)

Eric Weinstein  0:06
Hello, you found the portal. I'm your host, Eric Weinstein, and we're here today with my good friend Sam Harris. Sam, thanks for coming by.

Sam Harris  0:14
 Thank you. It's great.

Eric Weinstein  0:15
So the first question, are you in any trouble that I don't know about?

Sam Harris  0:19
I don't think so. I think you know what trouble I get into as I get into it, I often look to you for what,

Eric Weinstein  0:25
Occasionally, I get a call from you and you say "I'm thinking about getting into trouble, Talk me out of it." Yeah, try and if I if it happens that I'm not there for an hour and a half. I get another call saying "too late."

Sam Harris  0:35
Yeah. I remember one. That vacation that was unraveling. And I was calling you from literally poolsid…
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