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Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson Vancouver Night 2 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the talk that Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris had in Vancouver. This is the second night in vancouver. You can find the video HERE.

Travis Pangburn:    00:00:02       Gather together for Bret Weinstein, Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson.

Brett Weinstein:    00:00:44       Alright, so we have an interesting situation here. Um, obviously this is part two and a few of you were here for what took place last night. We're going to find a way to catch you all up pretty quick on what took place, but before we do that, I thought it might make sense to talk to you about where we are in this discussion and why it matters and it matters not just for those of us on stage, but it matters very much for you all in the audience. The point is basically this, we've arrived at a place in history where the sensemaking apparatus, that usually helps us figure out what to think about. Things has obviously begun to come apart. The political parties, the, uh, the univers…